Monday, November 30, 2015

The Reel Deal on Slot Odds

I've taken on a couple of new projects of late, and one was writing a 2,000-word, illustrated blog entry on slot machine odds and how they work for It's their first slot machine entry to go with a main focus on bingo.

Slot fans will find it fun to read, I think. It's broken into small, easily digestible sections. The entry delves into the odds of winning, what goes into determining those odds, whether identical-looking games have the same odds, and much more.

Check it out at
 The Reel Deal on Slot Odds

In the near future, I'll be back with news on another project, a lengthy guide to playing the slots at, where my longtime colleagues Henry Tamburin, Frank Scoblete and Jean Scott already are posting,

Hope you enjoy.

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